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Magnetic drilling machines - it's portable machines designed to carry out work on the equipment, the dismantling of which produce too long or expensive. By the principle of action of magnetic machines do not differ from the usual, but have a magnetic sole, through which can be mounted in virtually any position (vertical, horizontal, oblique) and any equipment of sufficient size.


For qualitative adhesion to the surface of the sole is necessary that the thickness of the surface was not less than 9 mm (in the case where the surface is too thin, the steel sheet is enclosed from below to provide the desired thickness).

the second type of machines are distinguished by the presence of a regime that lowers the cartridge with a drill with optimum speed for drilling and after drilling returns to its original position (as they have a manual mode).

magnetic-type machines have a fairly low weight (15 to 60kg), making it easy to bring and carry them from place to place even one person. There are even models for home use, which, thanks to its small size may well find a place in the garage or small workshop, if there is anything there to attach the magnetic soles. As experience shows, the magnetic drilling machines are cost effective in small workshops, or in large industrial plants.

dremel 220-01

Most models are equipped with a protection that prevents the machine start off with magnetic soles than protect people from danger. Also, drilling machines equipped with magnetic overload control that controls the drilling process, and in the case of excessive loads (both in rotation and displacement along the axis), the machine stops working, to avoid breakage. In addition, when power failure, the machine automatically starts to work immediately after power and require manual activation.


 Since the drilling holes in the metal of great thickness of the drill overheating can occur in the machine has an automatic supply of cooling and lubricating fluid directly into the core bit. When you stop working, the liquid stops also come automatically. Thanks to the self-centering chucks, drills a change in the magnetic machine does not require a lot of time, which increases performance when drilling holes of different diameters. Also, the machine is equipped for safety attachment for grinding swarf, which is fixed on the bottom next to the drill.

Unlike conventional magnetic drilling machines allow easy enough to make processing on surfaces that are difficult or impossible to put on a workbench. Instead, they are converted to the workbench surface itself, often significantly saving not only time but also money customers.

In addition to drilling machines are capable of producing magnetic operation reaming, threading, some milling operations.